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Upcoming Music


Save this page and stay up to date on all the live music that takes place on the weekends! Every Friday and Saturday night on the restaurant side, we host a variety of great bands and musicians. Music on the restaurant side plays from 8 – 12 PM in the bar area. A few times a month we bring larger bands into the sports bar area from 6 – 9 PM. It’s recommended that you get here early fro a good spot!

Below are the most up-to-date times we have. 

Music tile MAR

March Music

3.1 (Friday) Love Handles
3.2 (Saturday) Plush Duo

3.8 (Friday) Savants Duo
3.9 (Saturday) Danny Lynch Duo

-St. Patrick’s Weekend!-

3.15 (Friday) Bob Tomlinson and Friends (8PM-Midnight)
3.16 (Saturday) Matt Ruddell and Company (1 – 4PM)
 Barefoot Bobby & The Breakers (6 – 9PM)
 Jake Bracey (8PM-Midnight)
3.17 (Sunday) Savants Duo (1 – 4PM)
 Chris Wolf Duo (4 – 7PM)

3.22 (Friday) Carter Robinson
3.23 (Saturday) Brick Duo

3.29 (Friday) Jim Monaghan
3.30 (Saturday) Jack O’Leary

Music tile APL

April Music

4.5 (Friday) Love Handles
4.6 (Saturday) Beg, Borrow, & Steal

4.12 (Friday) Savants Duo
4.13 (Saturday) The Danny Lynch Project

4.19 (Friday) Bob Tomlinson and Friends
4.20 (Saturday) Fully Covered Band

4.26 (Friday) Brian Elliot Band
4.27 (Saturday) Barefoot Bobby & The Breakers (6 – 9PM)
 Julian Russo (8PM-Midnight)

Music tile MAY

May Music

5.3(Friday) Love Handles
5.4 (Saturday) Jake Bracey

5.10 (Friday) Savants Duo
5.11 (Saturday) Barefoot Bobby & The Breakers (6 – 9PM)
 The Danny Lynch Project (8PM-Midnight)

-Street Dining Weekend-
5.17 (Friday) Bob Tomlinson & Friends (6 – 9PM)
5.18 (Saturday) Brick Duo (6 – 9PM)
 Cater Robinson (9 – 12AM)

5.24 (Friday) Plush Duo
5.25 (Saturday) Beg, Borrow, and Steal

5.31 (Friday) Dave Maida

Music tile JUNE

June Music

6.1 (Saturday) Love Handles

6.7 (Friday) Anthony Marchione
6.8 (Saturday) The Plush Band (6 – 9PM)
 The Danny Lynch Project (8PM-Midnight)

6.14 (Friday) Savants Duo
6.15 (Saturday) Plush Duo

6.21 (Friday) Bob Tomlinson & Friends
6.22 (Saturday) Jake Bracey

-Street Dining Weekend-
6.28 (Friday) Jack O’Leary
6.29 (Saturday) Barefoot Bobby & The Breakers (6 – 9PM)

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