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Upcoming Music


Save this page and stay up to date on all the live music that takes place on the weekends! Every Friday and Saturday night on the restaurant side, we host a variety of great bands and musicians. Music on the restaurant side plays from 8 – 12 PM in the bar area. It’s recommended that you make reservations in advance to see your favorite entertainer! 

Below are the most up-to-date times we have. 

Music tile NOV

November Music

11.3 (Friday) Love Handles
11.4 (Saturday) Savants Duo

11.10 (Friday) Jake Bracey
11.11 (Saturday) Julian Rosso

11.17 (Friday) Jack Kidd
11.18 (Saturday) Acoustic Dead

11.24 (Friday) Bill Thomas
11.25 (Saturday) Carter Robinson

Music tile DEC

December Music

12.1 (Friday) Love Handles
12.2 (Saturday) Bob Tomlinson

12.8 (Friday) Julian Rosso
12.9 (Saturday) plush Duo

12.15 (Friday) Dave Saunders
12.16 (Saturday) Savants Duo

12.22 (Friday) Jack Kidd
12.23 (Saturday) Tony Alosi

12.29 (Friday) Acoustic Dead
12.30 (Saturday) Bill Thomas

NYE 12.31 (Sunday) 

Music tile JAN

January Music

1.5 (Friday) Love Handles
1.6 (Saturday) Jake Bracey

1.12 (Friday) Savants Duo
1.13 (Saturday) Danny Lynch Duo

1.19 (Friday) Bob Tomlinson & Friends
1.20 (Saturday) Carter Robinson

1.26 (Friday) Plush Duo
1.27 (Friday) Beg, Borrow, and Steal

Music tile FEB

February Music

2.2 (Friday) Love Handles
2.3 (Saturday) Jullian Russo

2.9 (Friday) Savants Duo
2.10 (Saturday) Danny Lynch Duo

2.16 (Friday) Bob Tomlinson & Friends
2.17 (Saturday) Jack O’leary

2.23 (Friday) Bill Thomas
2.24 (Saturday) Sam Stinson

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