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Local Events in our Community

We appreciate everyone in this community and we wouldn’t be here with out them. We participate in every local Doylestown Event we can. Below are just a few of the major ones that reoccur every year. 

Tree lighting

Doylestown Tree Lighting

NOVEMBER 24, 2023 @ Doylestown, PA 189015:00 PM — 8:00 PM

Every year, the Friday after Thanksgiving, the community gathers in the center of town to witness the lighting of the Doylestown Christmas Tree. Lucky for you, we are the closest Restaurant with front row seats! Call at least week in advance to reserve your seats for that night. 

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Doylestown Arts Festival and Bike Race

SEPTEMBER @ Doylestown, PA 1890110:00 AM — 5:00 PM

Every year, the weekend after Labor day in September, the town closes its street to showcase the community’s creative talents. Over 200 booths of people showcasing their work. This event attracts thousands of people from all over. On that Sunday, a national circuit bike race takes place and the whole town is there to support. Chambers usually puts a food tent in the food court section, near Hamilton Street, where we serve up some of our most popular menu items from the year. Stop by and check it out!

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Good Neighbor Food Drive

JANUARY 21, 202410:00 AM — 3:15 PM

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