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For an establishment that has survived almost 40 years and has only changed hands 3 times, we have a history of a great staff and a very supportive community. Originally being the Brennecke’s Eatery, it didn’t take on the name Chambers until the mid-late 90’s when they built out the bar in the front room. Since then, it’s been a very vibrant restaurant where people can expect quality food, drink, and service. Currently under the ownership of John Wolff, a former CB West High School Grad, plans on keeping Chambers running for years to come. 

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Chamber’s 19 Bistro

Your classic small town bistro welcoming family, friends and visitors traveling through. The original name Chambers’ refers to the Judge’s Chambers as Doylestown is home to the Bucks County Courthouse. Our food is inspired by traditional favorites while also sharing our own ideas on seasonal inspirations. The craft cocktail bar in the restaurant tends to those looking to escape the realities and enjoy the moment. The atmosphere that surrounds you reflects upon Doylestown’s historic appeal. This community that we embed ourselves in shows a tremendous amount of support for our little restaurant, hence why we are one of the longest running establishments in town and look forward to being a part of many years to come!


The Otherside bar

The fun side!’ As some would refer to it as. Or you might hear of it as The Otherside’. This is our energetic sports bar. Still attached to Chambers 19 Bistro, sharing the same menu and Doylestown footprint, we expanded into the space back in 2009. Since then, we’ve added TVs for all the live sports games and of course, the music! We host large live bands and DJs every weekend. Open till 2 AM every night draws the night owls who are looking for a place to go. Thursday — Saturday late nights share a high energy theme for those to dance the night away. With the old Irish Pub feeling, it’s a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy great food! 

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